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Aelita was born and raised in Latvia. Latvia has very old traditions and rich culture. Through this culture, she learned the rules of nature and has been made more aware of the dynamics of life on earth that has been passed on through generations. Aelita immigrated to the United States in 1997 and graduated from Arizona State University shortly thereafter. She has traveled extensively throughout the world exploring different cultures and world wonders.

Aelita’s early studies focused on Physics and Mathematics, rounded out with Law and Global Business Finance. But even at an early age, Aelita was drawn to the study and use of colors and organized space as a way to positively enhance her environment. She was formally introduced to the Feng Shui methods more than 20 years ago as part of her studies in Yoga, Buddhism and spirituality.
Several years ago, Aelita wanted to blend her love of Science with the Art of Feng Shui. Her quest brought her first to apprentice with renowned Master of Feng Shui, Doan Van Thong, originally from Vietnam, but now living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Master Thong has written extensively on Feng Shui topics and been widely recognized by media outlets including Fortune and San Jose Mercury News.
Aelita then enrolled in FSIA –Feng Shui Institute of America – one of the first professional certification schools in America based on a contemporary, Western approach that blended traditional Feng Shui tenets, eastern philosophy and social/physical/environmental sciences.  
Aelita is now enhancing her Feng Shui skills with studies through the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in Berkeley, which will earn her an advanced Professional Certification in Classical Feng Shui and Eco-Sustainable Design Principles. She is also a member of the Feng Shui Institute International (FSII), a membership organization setting standards of professional practice, and promoting lifelong learning for Feng Shui practitioners. 
The blending of classic Feng Shui with principled scientific precepts offers Aelita unique insights into our Bay Area culture.  Aelita uses this blended approach in her consulting practice to design and explain how to make our lives and surroundings harmonious and uniquely Bay Area. 
Aelita’s Feng Shui practice extends across professional and personal consultations and workshops. Her practice extends across cultures with work in both Europe and the United States. Recent consultations include business and residential environments, corporate workspace, business cards, websites, and consumer marketing strategies. Aelita particularly emphasizes how the individual and environment relate and interact to produce a synergistic benefit to the project. Aelita’s “Applied Feng Shui” strives to produce measurable results with long proven techniques.

Show me your environment and I will show you your destiny!

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