Amy Ross

Clear Light Feng Shui

Feng Shui holds immense value in our modern culture.  We can apply Feng Shui to bring very tangible and inspirational benefits into your life.  Knowing what impact your physical and energetic environments have on you, will empower you with the authority, to steer your life in what ever direction you choose.

You may have noticed that, in the past, as your life transformed in some way, your environment also shifted to reflect that change.   Maybe you begin to add more of a particular color, or begin to notice a new word, object or number showing up in your environment, after you gained awareness of it. Well, the reverse is true also. If you change your environment, your life will change along with it.  Our surroundings are a physical representation of our internal lives.  It is therefore critical to align our environments to the blessings of heaven and earth.   

I believe that everyone requires sanctuary to tease forth their unique gifts.  Having good Feng Shui is key to developing a clear path to the attainment of your goals.  I will use the instruments of classical Feng Shui and the wisdom of ancient philosophy, along with environmental reverence and modern pragmatism, to help you create a healthy home that will nurture and sustain you.


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