Feng Shui has been practiced for thousands of years in China, and it is as obligatory as a full structural survey is, for any house in the west.  Based in Taoist philosophy, Feng Shui seeks to align the human to the harmonies of the natural world, and derive the greatest benefit from the blessings of the living environment.

The concepts of the five transformations and yin and yang are ancient Taoist philosophies, developed by the systematic observation of nature over many centuries. These cycles and processes describe fundamental, universal laws that have countless applications in our lives.

Feng Shui uses this knowledge to bring the earthly, cosmic and human energies, otherwise known as the San Cai, into balance.  Therefore empowering the individual to actively participate in the creation of fortune, in his or her life.  Feng Shui is putting oneself in tune with universal harmonies.  Like a tuning fork we can transform the chi, or note if you will, to resonate with the prosperous, benevolent energies that reverberate throughout our universe.

The ancient Taoist masters have left us guide lines for attaining synchronization with cosmic rhythms.  We can use this ancient wisdom in the design choices we make in our modern homes, and when making important decisions regarding our modern lives. 

 As with all cycles, this one too will come full circle, and as we, in this age, get closer to that point of critical mass, we find more modern relevance in ancient wisdom.  We are approaching a sort of event horizon where we will be called to “change direction or we will end up where we are going.”  Feng Shui empowers us to take hold of the wheel and steer a course of our own design, not the course we travel by default.


Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui consultations focus first on understanding the areas in your life where you desire change.

Your consultant will assess your living or working environment, and will work with you on enhancing the subtle and physical energies in your surroundings to create the most beneficial conditions for your life, your goals and your potential.

Feng Shui consultations can support you in maximizing your potential for relationships, business success, good health, prosperity, and peace of mind.

A consultation may involve a “four pillars” astrological reading, determination of your “ming kwa trigrams” for auspicious directions, and a “flying star” chart for your dwelling or workplace to unlock potentials.

During a consultation, you will be given recommendations to achieve your personal goals, and these recommendations are always based on your budget, circumstances, and life situation.