About Katie Tse


Born in Hong Kong and immigrated to San Francisco’s China Town in 1969. As a daughter of a Chinese doctor, Katie grew up surrounded by traditional Chinese medicine and Feng Shui.  She started practicing Feng Shui principles in earnest over 15 years ago while struggling with a failing multimillion-dollar business coupled with a destructive and painful divorce.  Her introduction to a Feng Shui master from China began her formal training in Feng Shui principles. Through the proper application of Feng Shui techniques and principles to her own life, she began to prosper in her business pursuits, personnel health and even connected with the true love of her life whom she married.

Started her career as an engineer in the Silicon Valley, then a long and successful careers in as a life insurance and retirement planning advisor, Katie followed her passion for helping people and obtained her profession certification as a Feng Shui practitioner in 2012 from the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui in Berkeley California.

Today, she dedicates her Feng Shui consultation services to executives, architects, contractors, traditional healers, spas and business owners.

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