Katie Tse

Qi Advisor Feng Shui

Qi(pronounced "chi")translated as "Natural Energy" or "Movement".

As a Feng Shui Advisor, I use the powerful principles of feng shui to address your unique, individual goals, transform your health and well-being, and shift your entire life to be more successful, satisfying and harmonious.

Feng Shui adjust the areas in your life and environment where you are experiencing Poor Alignment or Balance, so that you can experience the benefits of Correct Alignment: vibrant health, wealth, love, fulfillment, and fully living into your unique potential.

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You are experiencing Manifestations of Poor Alignment, if you have:

  • Difficulties in love and relationships.
  • Financial issues - If money just does not want to stay.
  • Trouble with success - Something keeps happening to hamper your success. You over work but still your best is not getting you results.
  • Fatigue - Waking up feeling tired even though you regularly sleep 8 hours each night.
  • Recurring bad luck - Having strange, unexplained incidences.
  • Not close to or no support from friends, loved ones and family.
  • Negative feelings or vibes in home or business.
  • Constant poor health.
  • Lack of direction or purpose - You feel as though you are stuck in a rut.

The Importance Of Correct Alignment

Correct Alignment, through the application of the principles of Feng Shui, can make all the difference to the flow in your life. It’s similar to the difference between checking the charts before sailing or not. Of course you can still go and sail but if you don’t know the weather patterns you may very quickly find yourself in stormy waters, which could have you could have avoided.

Correct Alignment is like being guided safely and easily, to your most desired destinations. Without correct alignment you may feel like you are struggling with life rather than enjoying life.

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