You, like every human being, are born with tremendous potential.

Like a seed relies on the soil, the sun, and its environment to grow into a tall, strong tree, you are similarly influenced by your surroundings.

Likewise, your surroundings, both seen and unseen, determine the quality of your life and how you express the unique essence of who you are.

Simply put, feng shui is the ancient art of intentional placement enabling you to live in harmony with nature and your built environment. Feng Shui addresses your internal and external environment, supporting you to fully grow into and live to your full potential.


Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui consultations focus first on understanding the areas in your life where you desire change.

Your consultant will assess your living or working environment, and will work with you on enhancing the subtle and physical energies in your surroundings to create the most beneficial conditions for your life, your goals and your potential.

Feng Shui consultations can support you in maximizing your potential for relationships, business success, good health, prosperity, and peace of mind.

A consultation may involve a “four pillars” astrological reading, determination of your “ming gua trigrams” for auspicious directions, and a “flying star” chart for your dwelling or workplace to unlock hidden potentials.

During a consultation, you will be given recommendations to achieve your personal goals, and these recommendations are always based on your budget, circumstances, and life situation.

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