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A feng shui consultation focuses on enhancing the subtle energies around you in order to create the most beneficial conditions for your life!

It helps you maximize your potential for relationships, business success, good health, prosperity, and peace-of-mind.

In your consultation I will:

  • Help you identify areas of your life which may be causing you challenges;
  • Complete a thorough assessment of your home or work place;
  • Offer you a series of recommendations for you to put into action right away.

I work with clients in two ways. The first is a one-time consultation where I make recommendations and leave you to your own devices.

The second and most popular is a series of consultations over a longer time period where I give you bite sized, digestible chunks to work with. I am with you all the way, guiding you, making recommendations, and helping you to implement them, so that you see change immediately happening in your life.

Some of the services I offer are:

  • Full assessment of your space, the layout, placement of furniture and rooms and the overall flow (form)
  • Determination of your ming gua trigrams for auspicious personal orientations
  • Four Pillars Astrological reading
  • Flying Star chart for your dwelling or workplace to unlock potential
  • Short-term as well as long-term recommendations that take into account your time and budget


I offer a free telephone consultation as a way of discovering if my services would be right for you. The free phone consult is usually between thirty minutes and an hour long.  

To learn how this might be useful to you, contact me to find out more about the services I offer.

Please include your best three times and dates and the best way to contact you other than e mail and I'll be back in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Click here to fill out a consultation form.