What is Feng Shui?

First and Foremost, Feng Shui is NOT a verb.  It is a noun, describing the enviornemnt.  You can't be' Feng Shuied!.  You can have your Feng Shui analysed, and managed.  That is what I do. 

Feng Shui is all around us.  It is what makes you love being near a river or waterfall, why you enjoy a walk through the forest, or want to be on a tropical island.  It is not a verb, and you can't be "Feng Shui'd."  Feng Shui is a noun that describes our environment, and this starts with the land.  We get all of our life force from the planet.  And it is the arrangement of the topography, the water sources and the weather or climate that make us prosper or not.   This then affects our towns and cities, and our buildings.  It even influences the interiors of our homes. 

Feng Shui is also not interior design with Asian influence.  In fact, the interior layout of your home has a minimal impact on your life, unless it is truly supported by the larger environment.

Does your home or workplace support you and your goals?  If you have a pattern of success or problems, it may be your environment that is affecting you, at least to some extent.  Let me help you.


I focus on Real Estate, and the value of the land and property.  If you are selling a home, or wanting to buy a home, I can help. 

  • Some homes are great for living the fast lifestyle, where money and power are generated easily. 
  • Some are better for family harmony, health and overall good lives. 
  • Some can actually generate both, creating wealth and power in career, but also harmony in family life, or good health. 
  • Some are not good for either, and these types of homes should be avoided. 

What kind of property do YOU WANT TO BUY?

What kind of property do you own, and WANT TO SELL?

What kind of property do you live in, and WANT TO STAY?

I can help you find or identify property based upon its relationship with the topography, its age and layout.  Whether good for money or health, both or neither, this is important to you. 


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