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I've been conducting consultations since 2010 and I've seen my client's lives change in positive ways. If you haven't already done please complete this short evaluation form to get you thinking about your present condition. This confidential information along with a site tour of your home, office or work site is used during the consultation to help guide the process.

Please plan on spending at least two hours on the day of our consultation. When we initially meet I will ask that you lead a tour of your space. Then we'll sit down and have a casual discussion about your space and your aspirations or intentions. 

I've found that these discussions often uncover hidden potential and can lead to a renewed sense of empowerment with regard to your situation. Also during your consultation we will discuss the auspicious or favorable locations in your home that when better understood and utilized may actually bring some welcome change your way.

I follow-up the site visit with a written report outlining our discussion including any recommendations that may have surfaced and if there are recommendations I can help jump start I am more than happy to help. 

I am available to practice the principles of Feng Shui with regard to various aspects of your life, career or relationships. Beware though, Feng Shui is not a quick fix. Just like any other professional service, maintaining your health and the health of your space requires a disciplined approach to annual assessments.

Click here to fill out a consultation form.