Mark Cossin

Everybody Feng Shui

It's not what you think, you think it is. At least it wasn't for me. At first I thought Feng Shui was one thing and as I learned more my understanding of Feng Shui broadened. Then just as I thought I knew what Feng Shui was again, I realized I needed to revise my understanding and my definition. So, once you think you know what something is, get ready to learn something new.

My present understanding of Feng Shui is that it is more about cultivating a broader awareness of the impact we exact on the planet. It's also about showing gratitude for the source of all our material possessions. It's about increasing our experience of all the good the universe has to offer. It's about learning that our conduct matters. 

And it matters a lot. When we are more aware of the universal influences upon us we naturally open ourselves up to the possibility of experiencing unlimited potential. Without bad there would be no good. Without good there would be no bad. It's how we conduct ourselves in the 'bad' that can make a difference between experiencing abundance or experiencing scarcity. Even the word 'abundance' sounds good. Scarcity on the other hand sounds, well, scary. Anyway, you get the point.  

A Traditional Classical Feng Shui Practitioner is someone who studies space and time. I help people harness 'potential' using the principles of Traditional Classical Feng Shui. 

My Consultation Packages are designed to activate a new kind of energy in your space. When I conduct a basic Feng Shui assessment of your space I ask that you lead a comprehensive tour of your home. During this time my job is to observe and record without judgement.  Included in the assessment will be recommendations for implementing simple Principles of TCCFS that will harmonize or activate your space so you can begin doing more of the things that bring you increased energy, joy and Love! 

If you found me through the magic of the internet and I'm not in your area you can always search the Golden Gate School of Feng Shui main Certified Feng Shui Consultant Directory.