About Sondra Harper

Sondra Harper lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.   She is a master NLP practitioner and has been studing human excellence for 10 years. She uses a wholistic approch for her clients that incorperates Feng Shui and NLP. Sondra has a passion for Feng Shui and she hope to educate her comminity about the use and bennifits of Feng Shui.



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Kevin Wilke from Uptown, Dallas says: "You have a great talent, skill, and passion for what you are doing. Thank you!"

Sara from Richardson,TX says: "Before our consultation my space felt dead. Now it feels alive and I feel more alive too!"

This is what Danyelle from Dallas had to say:

I am always in action behind the scenes at work and I handle a number of challenging tasks, but that not everyone gets to see what I do and that can be hard for maintaining respect/appreciation.  After the follow-up consultation, I made just a few of the changes you suggested and I have to say that things have shifted in a very positive light.  Out of the blue, I was asked to do SEVERAL presentations where people who don’t normally get to see me in action, did so AND they expressed that they were impressed with my work and presentation style.  I had to drop everything else in order to work up the presentations and make time to fit it all in; but, I am not complaining!  It WAS what I asked for!  I also want to thank you for tailoring the changes you recommended I make to fit to my personality and style.  My first experience with feng shui was comfortable and fun. The bonus is that it works!!!


To learn more about the amazing school from which I received my training and graduated, click here.