About Sandy Yagyu

Sandy applies the mindfulness and discipline of the martial arts to her feng shui practice. Her ancestors were samurai and sword masters to the Tokugawa shogun. Sandy trains in the ancient art of the Japanese sword. Both martial artist and feng shui practitioner, Sandy's one foot remains rooted in the past while the other is grounded in the present.
Sandy applies the knowledge and experience acquired from the GGSFS Curriculum in her profession as a Realtor. Her passion and talents lie in creating a “Sense of Place” unique to each client.
Feng shui is a field of study which requires a keen power of observation. Sandy is also an avid photographer. Just like members of the GGSFS faculty, her camera has been the teacher – guiding her to slow down, pay attention, and become attuned to the energies of the earth, sea, wind and heavens. She has traveled throughout China and Japan and has returned with evocative images of heaven, earth and man. Sandy is currently preparing for an exhibit, Transcendental Vision, in which her portraiture portrays power and emotion. 

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What Clients are Saying…

"I had the pleasure to use Sandy Yagyu’s expertise for my properties in Texas.  My partners and I have been trying to sell four properties and I felt the houses needed a boost of Feng Shui attunement.  Sandy was able to access each property in less than 30 minutes and the corrections have created more phone calls and interest in the properties than we have had in 15 months.  The effect was immediate and profound.  We sold one of the houses in 3 months - now I call that powerful especially since it had been languishing in a glutted market for almost a year and a half!  She initially assessed one of the properties by looking at the house on the Internet and gave excellent recommendations that worked.  I highly recommend Sandy Yagyu and her valuable service.
I am grateful for her loving expertise and intuition."                                                       

“When I walked into my living room after Sandy had spent some time there, I was instantly stirred by the beauty that I had overlooked.  Earlier in the consultation, Sandy asked a lot of pointed questions that offered her information that obviously assisted her in my needs.  For example, I told that I needed to make some changes in my life before I got too much older.  She observed that the focal point of my living room was a large 36" round clock.  Ah ha!  In its place now is a beautiful original piece of art of glorious calla lilies. We then moved to my office and she transformed the room!  I am now positioned so that I look out at a estimated 200 year old redwood tree, instead of an ugly fence!  Already I am feeling a shift in my professional work.”
T. S.

Sandy has a compassionate nature. She uses what is already there, gently rearranging items and appreciating our emotional attachment to the material. I didn’t have to buy anything new or get rid of anything. She used subtle nuances to create powerful results. It is amazing how moving a few things in our homes can manifest miracles in the areas of our relationships, health, and happiness. If you have any doubts at all about the power of Feng Shui, I encourage you to put those aside and allow Sandy to perform her “magic” in your home and in your life!



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