Sandy Yagyu

Where We Belong 


"A Sense of Place" is defined as a special or unique place that provides us belonging and attachment. We naturally seek it wherever we go.
Scientific studies prove that our environment greatly influences our mental, physical, and emotional well being. When our surroundings feel safe, nurturing and inspiring we experience better health, a more positive outlook, improved relationships and greater success.

Where Do You Belong?

  • Do you feel adrift and ungrounded during these uncertain times?
  •  Is your home peaceful and welcoming in addition to feeling safe and secure?
  • Are your relationships supportive and provide a sense of connection?
  •  Do you feel energetic and productive at work? 
  •  Do you feel inspired to manifest your dreams? 
Sandy skillfully applies the principles of feng shui to answers these questions - and many more - by creating harmonious settings for her clients where they live, work and play.

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